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About: Webpage Malware Scanner

Free fast tools to scan your webpage for malware, malicious redirects, malicious scripts, spam hacks and other bad stuff using HTTP header Referrer and User Agent while requesting a webpage.

Choose a referrer - many malicious hacks are conditional: "When I click on my site in Google search results, I am redirected to a malicious site, but it works fine when I enter my URL in the browser address bar." If you're looking for malicious content or a malicious redirect, start with Google, then move on to Bing and Facebook.

Choose a user agent - sites labelled This site may harm your computer contain harmful content. Hackers try to hide malicious content from Google. If the user agent is a browser, the malware is inserted; if the user agent is Googlebot, the malware is not inserted.

for spammy content, sites labeled This site may be hacked. Hackers attempt to cloak spammy content from site owners "Google shows spam words in my title/snippet but when I check the source code the terms are not found!" If checking a site for spammy content use the default GoogleBot as the user agent! Also check for redirects to spam sites by selecting Google Spam as the referrer and a browser as the user agent.

User Agent
Look at the cached version?

It can be useful to examine what Google has cached for a URL in some circumstances, such as spam hacks. If you select this option, the tool will try to obtain the URL from Google's cache rather than the actual content on your site.

The tool will crawl the site and check as many URLs as available by default, but this will take time. If you choose Check URL/internal links, the programme will simply check the URL you supplied above, as well as any links (js files?). This can be beneficial (faster) for testing a single page to determine if it is clear many times.

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